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Thank you so much!! Definitely worth it, love it

Awesome product!!!!!!!

Results are very promising

Perfect little investment

I can't believe it actually works!!! I'm still getting used to it but the hair afterwards looks as straight as can be! Doesn't burn my hair or damage it further so I am soooooo happy finally found something that works without hurting my hair more :) thank you so much !!! Great service

I have fine, very damaged bleached hair and avoid using conventional hair straighteners for fear of damaging my hair further. This brush gives me straight, sleek hair even on the second lowest heat level. It also leaves my hair super soft and silky which I have never been able to achieve with flat iron straighteners. I have named it my magic wand.

This is absolutely amazing, I let my hair air dry after washing and plugged this piece of kit in. Heats up quickly and you can choose the heat setting. So easy to use, just brushed my hair in sections over the top from the roots and running it underneath.

It came fast and it works fine :)

looks very similar to the photos and it works great

The product is beautiful and easy to use

Super fast. Great product

Very good thank you

Very good product, recommended

Work cuz have straight hair to hair curly or armed think does not cause not very warm.

it has temperature settings, can be used to different types of hair,working perfectly,my favorite!!

My hair is straight, unfrazzled, soft and has volume and movement which, when using ghds this wasn't the case Money well spent, so pleased I bought this.

I brought it home, I tried it quickly. Want to order now for gift.

Super! Definitely easy to use. I have thick, curly, chemically treated hair. I use it to get the roots. I was able to do my whole head in 15 minutes.

It's actually not hot at all, therefore it doesnt burn. It's a perfect design. For my curly hair, the temperature and method will not give PIN straight hair, but more of a voluminous and still straight style.

It's perfect for daily use. Ceramic flat irons are just too tedious. I'm buying one as a gift for my friend too :)

The packaging is perfect, the product looks very good quality
My hair is 4c hard natural very pleased with how it came out straight good value for money worth it

It came super fast, it's just as the photograph of the ad indicates, I 've only tried it once: very good results