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Curling is easier than ever!

  • Easy to use: Choose the timer and temperature for perfect curls, just the way you want them.

  • Automatic curling: Simply press the power button and let your hair gently roll down the barrel.

  • Smart design: Lightweight, cordless, and portable. Take it everywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery.


✔ Fast
✔ Convenient
✔ Easy to carry on
✔ A professional result


Types of curls

  • Slight curls: At 150°C-160°C (300°F-320°F), for short and fine hair, it is recommended to use 8s-11s.

  • Soft curls: At 170°C-180°C (330°F-350°F), for a perm or hair coloring, it is recommended to use 12s-14s.

  • Strong curls: At 180°C-200°C (360°F-390°F), for long hair or thick hair, it is recommended to use 14s-18s.

Customer Reviews

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Alison Pearce
Arrived faulty

I was so excited to receive my cordless hair curler and after a long wait it finally arrived. It arrived and when I opened it up the charging port in the bottom had snapped away from the base. I have emailed several times to arrange a replacement but still haven’t received a response from the company.