Hello there!

We're beyond excited to celebrate our 2-year anniversary with you, our amazing customers. We can't thank you enough for your unwavering support and loyalty.

As a token of our appreciation, we're hosting a giveaway event, and we would love for you to join us!

The image features a colorful banner surrounded by confetti and balloons. In the center of the banner, there is an image of a gift box, wrapped in shiny paper and topped with a bow.

How to partipate ? You can choose one of the options, or all of them.

  1. Send a picture of yourself with the Melhino wireless hair curler
  2. Send the before/after results thanks to our tool
  3. Have fun and be creative with the challenge ;)

You'll automatically be entered to win a spa treatment, + BONUS: 60% OFF on the next order!

Your feedback means the world to us. We strive to create the best hair care solutions for you, and your reviews help us improve and grow.
We want to hear your thoughts and how our products have helped you achieve the perfect hair look.

In the center of the banner, there is an image of a spa treatment, with a relaxing scene of a person receiving a massage.  This image represents an exciting opportunity for customers to enter to win a spa treatment and receive a bonus offer. The banner's festive decorations create a sense of joy and excitement, inviting customers to participate in the giveaway.

The giveaway event will end on August 31st 2022, and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on our website and notified via email. We can't wait to see who wins!

Once again, thank you for being a part of our journey. Good luck to everyone !

The winner is featured in the image, holding the prize she won, which provides visual confirmation of the prize's value and helps to build excitement for future events. Her testimonial, which is included in the image, expresses her gratitude and excitement at winning, creating a sense of goodwill towards the company and encouraging other customers to participate in future events. 

GIVEAWAY 2023 - Travel the World, On Us: Melhino's Anniversary Giveaway is Here!

We are thrilled to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and express our gratitude to our amazing customers by offering a chance to win an exciting travel package!

As a brand that believes in the power of exploration and new experiences, we are giving away an all-expenses-paid travel package to one lucky winner, which includes airfare, accommodations, and activities at a secret destination.

The giveaway event will start soon... Stay tuned !

The image emphasizes the brand's belief in the power of exploration and new experiences, with the all-expenses-paid travel package being offered as the grand prize. This is sure to generate excitement and anticipation among customers, who will be eager to participate and win the prize.