Perfect curls within a couple of minutes.

Cordless Hair Curler Deluxe | Melhino™

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Curling is easier than ever!

  • Easy to use: Choose the timer and temperature for perfect curls, just the way you want them.

  • Automatic curling: Simply press the power button and let your hair gently roll down the barrel.

  • Smart design: Lightweight, cordless, and portable. Take it everywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery.


✔ Fast
✔ Convenient
✔ Easy to carry on
✔ A professional result


Types of curls

  • Slight curls: At 150°C-160°C (300°F-320°F), for short and fine hair, it is recommended to use 8s-11s.

  • Soft curls: At 170°C-180°C (330°F-350°F), for a perm or hair coloring, it is recommended to use 12s-14s.

  • Strong curls: At 180°C-200°C (360°F-390°F), for long hair or thick hair, it is recommended to use 14s-18s.

  • For all hair types

  • Rechargeable and wireless


You take a section of your hair and place it into the chamber. Hold the button and your hair will be spun and heated.

Although this cordless Melhino is portable, if it is placed in the suitcase without any protection, it may be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to protect it, by wrapping it in clothing for example.

It is recommended to dry the hair before using the hair curler.