Wireless Hair Curler™ Deluxe - Melhino
Wireless Hair Curler™ Deluxe - Melhino
Wireless Hair Curler™ Deluxe - Melhino
Wireless Hair Curler™ Deluxe - Melhino
Wireless Hair Curler™ Deluxe - Melhino

Wireless Hair Curler™ Deluxe

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Effortless beauty 😍
Easy to curl within 6 minutes ⏱
Boost confidence 💃
+6000 customers trust us 🙌
No more cord-hassle ✅
Suitable for all hair type 👩

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Be unstoppable with Melhino™

Our revolutionary curling tool transforms your hair into stunning curls that radiate confidence and your true beauty.

No matter your hair type—straight, thick, or thin—our innovative curler adapts to deliver flawless curls and waves that last.

With our wireless hair curler, confidence is just a styling away.

Unlock unlimited style combinations

Whether you desire soft, flowing waves or defined, bouncy coils, our curler makes it all achievable.

Experience the freedom to explore various curling techniques and unlock a wide array of captivating styles.

Have the power to transform your hair and let your unique curls shine.

Never caught off guard

Stay one step ahead with our wireless hair curler.

Whether it's a spontaneous night out, a last-minute event, or a sudden change of plans, stay stylish and confident, knowing that you're prepared for any situation.

More than 6000 people are using it, why not you? Don't be the last one to have it!

Tailored temperatures for every curl

Each curl is unique and requires specific temperature control for optimal results.

For instance, soft waves thrive with a gentle temperature of around 150°C (300°F) for about 10 seconds, maintaining their natural flow and preventing frizz.

With our 6 different time (8s - 18s) and heating (150° - 200°) settings, create endless looks and express your beauty.

Wireless marvel: professional-grade results

Ceramic coating and the double layer thermal insulation for even heat distribution let you achieving amazing curls.

Let the magic happened with our Wireless Hair Curler! Place your hair in the chamber, press a button, and let the curler works its wonder.

Simplify your routine for lasting curls without any efforts.

Stay polished and connected anywhere

Picture this: You are racing against the clock to get ready for an evening event. As you hop into your car, you notice your hair needs a touch-up. Simultaneously, your phone's battery is running low.

But, you let your Melhino™ Curler (just 7.6 inch long) in the car: fixing your hair while charging your phone!

Its lightweight and power bank (60 minutes) features make it the perfect beauty companion for those always on the move.

Time to grab yours!

Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews
Monique S.

My daughter is so happy with the results! I can confidently say that this wireless hair curler is a game-changer for anyone who wants effortless, salon-worthy curls. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to handle, even for those with limited hairstyling experience.

Estelle L.

I'm obsessed! The barrel on this wireless hair curler protects my hair and leaves it looking shiny and smooth. It's like having a salon-quality curling experience at home. I can't imagine my hairstyling routine without it.

Alden M.

With its fast heat-up time and quick curling action, this wireless hair curler saves me precious minutes in the morning rush. I can achieve beautiful, well-defined curls in a matter of minutes. It's a time-saving miracle that allows me to start the day looking fabulous.

Shay P.

Versatile and customizable! With adjustable temperature and time settings, this wireless hair curler accommodates all hair types. I can easily create the perfect curls that suit my style and last all day.

Maureen H.

As someone who always struggled with traditional curling irons, this wireless curler is a game-changer! It's so easy to use, and I get salon-worthy curls in minutes. Leaving my curls looking and feeling smooth. It's a must-have for flawless hairstyles.

What People Are Saying

Efficient and Time-Saving: Quick Heat, Fabulous Curls!

Efficient and Time-Saving! This wireless curler heats up quickly, so I spend less time waiting and more time enjoying my fabulous curls. It's a time-saver in my busy schedule.

Zara W.

Perfect Curls Anywhere!

The Ultimate Travel Companion! This wireless curler is a must-have for jet-setters like me. It's compact, lightweight, and ensures I always have perfect curls on my adventures.

Alice H.

No More Cord Hassles: Hassle-Free Styling Revolution

This wireless curler allows me to freely move and style my hair without tangling cords. It's a game-changer for hassle-free styling!

Harriet L.

Obsessed with this

I'm obsessed with this curler! It's compact, wireless, and creates salon-quality curls effortlessly. It's become an essential in my daily routine.

Harper J.

Voluminous Curls that Stay Intact for Hours - Impressed!

I have thin hair, but this curler adapts perfectly to my hair type. It gives me voluminous curls that stay intact for hours.

Oliva T.

Secret to Effortless Beauty: Easy Curling in Minutes!

Game-changer! 😍 This wireless hair curler has transformed my styling routine. It's so convenient and easy to use, giving me beautiful curls in no time. I feel like a superstar every time I use it!

Sophia L.

Exceeded My Expectations: Effortlessly Transforming Straight Hair into Stunning Waves!

I was skeptical at first, but this curler exceeded my expectations. It effortlessly transforms my straight hair into stunning waves. Love it!!!!

Charlotte D.

No Outlet? No Problem: Curls Anytime, Anywhere!

Lifesaver during power outages or outdoor events. I never have to sacrifice my curls, no matter the situation.

Emily H.