Smart Nail Clipper™ Deluxe - Melhino
Smart Nail Clipper™ Deluxe - Melhino

Smart Nail Clipper™ Deluxe

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💅 95% of users bid farewell to accidental nail cuts
✨ Easy to use for flawless nails in an instant
✂️ Trim, cut, polish - all in one device
🧼 Captures nail debris for hassle-free cleaning

Product description


Are you worried about cutting babies' fingers by accident or your grandma does not have good vision, trimming her nails becomes a pain for her? Looking to replace the old version of nail clippers?

That's why we've come up with the new Smart Nail Clipper™ that allows you to trim your nails 100% safely and efficiently.

What makes our  Smart Nail Clipper™ so special?
✓ Easy to operate & portable: The special arc design makes it fit your hand shape so perfectly, allows you easy to grip it with one hand, simply press the button, and have your nail-trimmed job done efficiently.

    ✓ Professional & Safe: The blade is made of stainless alloy metal, hidden in the machine, and has no chance to touch your nail beds. Perfectly for people with poor eyesight to use by themselves and educate your kids to trim their nails with fun.

✓ Clean & Hygienic: This Smart Nail Clipper trims your nails automatically and vacuums the nail debris at the same time, no more worrying about nail debris flying all over the place.


1. This nail clipper is designed for fingernails, please do not use it on toenails.
2. This nail clipper is not waterproof, please don't wash it with water.
3. Please don't have children under three years old use it independently.
4. The charging cord and brush are at the lower part of the box.
5. Please charge it before using it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 220 reviews
Zara E.

Been looking for something like this for years. Also have arthritis. Easy to hold. Love it. Recommend to anyone with dexterity problems.

Dessie M.

I have limited hand mobility and was looking for something that could keep my fingernails trim. This is the perfect product for me.

Jaylen R.

Now my kids can clip their fingernails by themselves without worrying they clip their fingers.

Pinkie A.

My grandpa has trouble using traditional nail clippers, for poor sight, but he can use this one without any problem, he likes this nail clipper very much.

Aby L.

Really works. Finally independent nailgrooming!